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Why We Do

what we do


Empowering learners globally

By experts, for future experts 

At why academy! we are convinced that achieving mastery is not just about getting certified. We believe that proficiency in a specialised area requires a thorough understanding of its concepts and their application in real world scenarios.

With this conviction, our team has designed customised courses that combine best in class Agile knowledge with an immersive learning experience to help you achieve mastery in your desired learning journey.

Empower yourself today with why academy!.

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Our Roots

why academy! is a digital training arm of why innovation! Group. Operating since 2006, the name  why innovation! was created in 2014 to reflect the purpose of the company: enable companies to transform into Digital Enterprises and address the needs of the digital savvy generation.

As a group we are:

  • Experts in Business Agility and Digital Innovation
  • Practitioners with strong industry experience
  • A dedicated team of trainers, mentors and coaches
  • Able to service clients Asia wide with 40+ professionals

Over the past years, major industry players have trusted  to help them tackle their innovation challenges by nurturing a culture of agility and new ways of working.


How we do it

Maximise learning

We believe in maximising learning. We use various teaching tools, techniques, models and formats to make sure you get the most out of our trainers and the course.

Focus on outcomes

Each course is designed to help you reach your learning goals. Our learning formats help you accelerate your learning to achieve your goals faster.

Role proficiency

By imparting practical knowledge, sharing real world examples and demonstrating application of theory into practice, we help you build true proficiency in your chosen area of expertise.


The why academy! team


Lam Vu, a.k.a Vu Tung Lam

Torch Bearer

Kalyani Mehendale


Christopher Chitty

Brand Warrior

Ellen Soedirman

Dream Alchemist

We make learning fun


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