Virtual Class

The classic classroom. Online.


Get all the advantages of a physical classroom setting from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Participants join real time lessons over Zoom/Teams

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Participate in group activities online

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Simulate classroom interactions with online collaboration tools (Miro/Mural)

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Learn from the comfort of your home/office

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Learn with team members from different locations

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Complimentary course materials for exam revision, in-depth exploration, self assessment


Our Virtual trainings

Our trainings are designed to build individual and enterprise capability specifically for the digital age.


What they love about our Virtual trainings

"A nice experience for my very first online training! I like how they use various exercises to explain Scrum concepts"
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Parmod Kumar
Senior Software Engineer, SP Group
"Great teaching style and energy, with interesting topics and activities that really kept the online class alive throughout the session"
Pearl Yeo
Assistant Director, SP Digital

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